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During Lodge recess we can loose touch with what’s going on with Brethren, their Masonic business and other news. Bookmark this page to stay in contact with Lodge Thistle 127.

Visit to Lodge Burns St Mary No. 505

On Tuesday 2nd May 2023 a number of Brethren of Lodge Thistle No. 127 attended Lodge Burns St Mary No. 505 in Hurlford where we were warmly welcomed and enjoyed an excellent Fellow Craft Degree on a substitute candidate, with the main parts of the degree expertly carried out by PM Bro. Ivie Rennie and the Office Bearers of 505.

Following the degree, WSW Bro. Ross Horner presented his father, Bro. Matt Horner with a 50 year certificate and medal, Matt was invited up to the East by the RWM for the remaining part of the evening.

Lodge Thistle 127 member who attended lead by RWM Bro. Angus MacDonald, PM Bro. Elijah Beattie, PM Bro. Ian Broadhurst, PM Bro. Jim Shields, SM Bro. Maxwell Galt, Honorary Member Bro. Davie Tuc Macdonald and Bro. Gabriel Ritchie. Fraternal Greeting were exchanged.

By Bro. Gabriel Ritchie

Visit to Lodge Newton Mearns No. 1706

On Thursday 11th May 2023 myself, DM Bro. Davie Tuc Macdonald and RWM Bro. Colin Gunn of Lodge Irvine St Andrew No. 149 attended Lodge Newton Mearns No. 1706 for an Entered Apprentice Degree carried out by Lodge Prince of Wales No. 426 who were represented by a large and distinguished delegating headed by their RWM. Also in attendance was a deputation from PGLRE. headed by RWPGM. Bro. Ronnie Fraser. Also in attendance in his role as Tyler was Bro. Jim Stephen.

85 brethren were in attendance with most staying for the now legendary 1706 harmony of a wide selection of pakoras, samosas and koftas with sandwiches and cakes. Fraternal greeting were exchanged with RWM Bro. Mahmood Ullah who promised to pay Lodge Thistle No. 127 another visit soon. I welcomed the new EA into the craft and wished him well for the future, I am sure after speaking to him he will be an asset to Freemasonry.

By Bro. Gabriel Ritchie

Visit to Lodge St John Busby No. 458

On Wednesday 17th May I visited Lodge St John Busby No. 458 to witness a Master Masons Degree on two progressive candidates. I was intrigued to see how the lodge would carryout the second part of the degree and I wasn’t disappointed. With several office bearers unable to attend, including the RWM due to ill health some last minute stand ins did the degree proud with Bro. Jeffrey Bailey P.M. in the chair for the evening. The two newly made MM thoroughly enjoyed their evening, with a gentler degree than other lodges, and I congratulated them on behalf of Lodge Thistle No. 127.

Always ready to step in and assist were WSW Bro. Andrew Hamilton of Lodge St. Andrew No. 524 East Kilbride as Inner Guard and Bro. Jim Stephen who took up position as Tyler. Bro. Jeffrey Bailey made me welcome at the top table during harmony and fraternal greeting were exchanged, with the promise of a visit to Lodge Thistle No. 127 in the future.

By Bro. Gabriel Ritchie

Visit to Lodge No. 125 Newton Upon Ayr

On Monday 22nd of May I visited Lodge 125 Newton Upon Ayr. 
On this occasion I was accompanied by PMs Ian Broadhurst and Jim Shields, WJD Brendan Montgomery, IG Gabriel Ritchie and Bro. Robert McGowan. Where we witnessed an excellent MM Degree by a very experienced degree team from 125. 

IG Gabriel Ritchie presented lodge 125 with regalia, certificates and correspondence belonging to former member George McTavish, who had sadly passed away in Wales. Gabriel had bought a case from an auction house containing these items belonging to George and wanted to return them to Lodge 125. Many of the members remembered Bro. George and they were very happy to receive the items formally belonging to him. 
Gabriel was thanked for the presentation and was asked to join the Masters in the East to show appreciation for the return of the items to Lodge 125. He said the view was quite good from this new location!

RWM Angus MacDonald was asked to reply on behalf of the visitors and Fraternal greetings were exchanged. 
An hour was spent in harmony after the degree with the brethren of 125 and their visitors. 

By RWM Angus MacDonald

Visit to Lodge Irvine St Andrew No. 149

On Thursday 25th May I visited Lodge Irvine St Andrew 149 for their annual Mark Master Mason Degree on three candidates. I received the usual warm welcome from the RWM and Office Bearers and enjoyed some pre tyle conversation with RWM Bro. Richard Allan and IPM Munro McLean of The Mother Lodge of Scotland.

Assembled brethren were then treated to an excellent MMM Degree expertly carried out Mark Degree team on three candidates including two who had their Fathers present for the degree, another proud moment for both Brothers. The third candidate was Scott Mullen, who’s Master Masons Degree was recently carried out by Lodge Thistle 127 and it was a pleasure to witness Scott’s progression in the craft.

RWM Bro. Richard Allan spoke on behalf of the visitors and said after watching tonights excellent degree he was looking forward to welcoming Lodge Irvine St Andrew 149 to The Mother Lodge of Scotland in November where they will carry out a MMM Degree.

RWM Colin Gunn bid all the visitors fraternal greetings to their mother lodges.

By Bro. Gabriel Ritchie

Visit to Lodge St John No. 22 Kilmarnock

On Friday 2nd June 2023 I had the pleasure of attending Lodge St John 22 in Kilmarnock accompanied by PM Jim Shields and Bro. Robert McGowan where we witnessed an excellent MM degree carried out by RWM Ryan Harper and his degree team from St Marnock No. 109 on 2 progressive candidates. 

This was an excellent rendition of the MM degree presented to a full house.
Fraternal greetings were exchanged and an hour was spent in harmony with the brethren of both 22 and 109

By RWM Angus MacDonald

Visit to The Mother Lodge of Scotland Kilwinning No. 0

On Tuesday 13th June I visited Mother Kilwinning No.0. I was accompanied by the following brethren 
PM Jim Shields, PM Elijah Beattie, SM Maxwell Galt, WSD Gordon MacPhail, WJD Brendan Montgomery and IG Gabriel Ritchie where we witnessed a fine (word perfect) MM degree carried out to very high standard by the brethren of The Mother Lodge on a progressive candidate. 

It was an excellent degree and an hour was spent in Harmony with the brethren afterwards. 
Fraternal Greetings were exchanged. There were a large contingent of visiting Brethren from across Scotland, a Brother from the English Constitution and also a Brother from California, USA. The warm summer evening would have made him feel very much at home!

As an aside I would like to express my appreciation to ALL the brethren who are keeping the good name of 127 to the fore, by all the visiting we are carrying out within and outwith the province. We are being noticed, and lovely comments are being made about our activity. 
Thank you brethren, it is very much appreciated by myself and the PMs.

By RWM Angus MacDonald

A Visit to Rosslyn Chapel

On Saturday 24th June a number of Brethren of 127 headed by the RWM visited Rosslyn Chapel where we were joined by a group a Brethren from Lodge Buchan St John 636, again headed by their RWM David Willis. We joined the official tour where the very knowledgeable guide explained the history of the chapel and highlighted some of the key features within the main chapel. We were then treated to a private tour where some of the Masonic and Templar legends were disgusted and many features of the chapels structure associated with the craft and the Knights were highlighted.

We then spend the remainder of our time exploring the the rest of the chapel, including the Apprentice Column and the Masters Column where the legend of these exquisite columns were explained. Many of us tried out the whispering door much to our amusement.

Our minbus then set off to Broxburn where we were treated to the fine hospitality provided by 636 at Broxburn Bowling Club, where we spent several hours chatting with our fellow Brethren over lunch and a few libations before heading back to Stewarton.

RWM would like to thanks PM Bro Allan Whitehill for organising the excursion, and to 636 for their hospitality.

By Bro. Gabriel Ritchie

Quarterly communication meeting report 28 June 2023

On Wednesday 28th of June I attended the PGLA quarterly communication meeting, held in the premises of Lodge 320 in Ardrossan. I was accompanied by WSW Elijah Beattie and PM Archie Chalmers in his provincial capacity.  The meeting was opened by PGM James Bell at 7.30pm prompt. 

There were no PGL members passing to the Grand Lodge Above in the last quarter but a minute’s silence was observed for other brethren who passed in this period. A large deputation then entered the lodge from sister PG Lodges and we’re headed by PGM Jack Drummond of Lanarkshire Upper Ward. 

The minutes from the previous meeting held on the 20th April were read and approved. As were the Committee meeting held in 505 on the 6th June. It was announced at that time about our forthcoming 250th Degree being held on 26th August at Tarbolton. 

William Grant then presented on a proposal for implementing a new campaign for “Teddies for love” which is currently being run by Freemasons throughout England. This is basically where young children enter hospital and are gifted a Teddy Bear to help diffuse the stress they might be going through by being in hospital. Currently 3.5 million Teddy Bears have been distributed to children in England. This will be a high profile campaign and should be carried out for a minimum period of 5 years. 
This was approved by the assembled brethren. 

Constitution and Laws from Grand Lodge have been updated and approved from the 29th edition to the soon to be released 30th edition which should be available from September onwards. A few alterations included the new law that a young candidate doesn’t require to be the son of a Master Mason to join the lodge at 18 years old and between the ages of 18-22 the joining fees are also reduced to 50% of existing fees. Also Deaf Mutes will now be able to join any lodge in the future. 

Computation funds are no longer allowed, but this has already been resolved by our financial team within 127. 
It was announced that the PGM James Bell has visited over 50% of the Ayrshire lodges since taking up his new position earlier this year. 

He also announced 9 vacant positions within the PGL committee and will be happy to discuss any candidates for the roles. 
7 lodges have not returned their annual returns and we’re read out , you will be glad to hear that 127 were up to date ( well done Bro. Treasurer). PGLA funds are in a healthy position. 

Young Master Masons are carrying out a F/c degree on the 22nd September at 314 , which is a ticketed event at £5 a ticket. All funds passed to Marcus Humphries House. 

An update on the Digital advancements that the PGLA are carrying out was presented by Josh Gordon from Skelmorlie. 
This is to increase our Social Media presence and includes WhatsApp and our Website. There will be help available for ALL lodge Secretaries in the day to day workings of these updates. 

David Smith from 149 has resigned his position within PGLA due to work commitments. 

The PGM then thanked everyone who attended the Spring Divine service at Glencairn Church in Kilmaurs and 1398 for hosting. 

The collection was £320  - The lodge was closed at 9pm

By RWM Angus MacDonald

Visit to Lodge Prince of Wales No. 426

On Tuesday 11th July Bro. Gabriel Ritchie, DM Bro. David Tuc MacDonald, Lodge Irvine St Andrew and Bro. William Brown, Lodge st Thomas 306 Larkhall visited Lodge Prince of Wales No. 426, Renfrew where we witnessed a masonic treat. A lyrical Master Masons Degree conferred by Junior Deacon, Paul Wilson, who was assisted by Office Bearers, RWM and PM.

It was great to see such a youthful conferring team and stands Lodge Prince of Wales in good stead for the future. Fraternal greeting were exchanged, with RWM Ross McLelland, hoping to visit some of the Ayrshire Lodges soon.

By Bro. Gabriel Ritchie

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